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May 15, 2011

I've had an android phone for two years now so I'm not a total noob but I purchased the Acer Iconia table that runs Android honeycomb so now I'm really checking it out. In the past I really only used the browser, gmail and wordpress apps but now I want to play more.

What I have been disappointed in is that the market place doesn't have a area just for tablet apps/games. I've downloaded a few games only to find that they were made for smartphones and are worthless on a tablet.

Ok here is what I'm looking for - app recommendations for tablets. What is your favorite apps (free ones mainly unless its a must have paid app)? Any good solitaire game apps for tablets? Any recommended apps so that I can watch .avi movies without having to convert them? I do know how to convert them but why if there is an app out there.

OK a little about me (since I think we are suppose to). I'm a professional blogger, yes you can make really good money as a blogger. I own/run 4 funny photo blogs that you can see here if you really want to Bubba Network Inc I have a blast on them and giggle all day long. Besides that I'm a total geek and previously I use to help run geek forums but lack of time I stopped.


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Apr 29, 2011
Welcome to the forums! Check out the Acer Iconia forums to really get started. Try out Angry Birds on the tablet. It scales nicely and plays very well :)


Mar 25, 2011
Wicked has two great recommendations, welcome and anything you need along the way, just ask