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Jun 3, 2011
I got the ok from the boss man. I can get a tablet if my laptop + tablet costs less than the MacBook Pro he was going to get me. I've found a really nice laptop so now I'm looking for a tablet. I have a Samsung Epic now but it's hard to read documents or ebooks on it because the screen is well, small. And it's not much good for presentations at work either, so I really want a tablet as a "bridge" between my desktop and my honking 7-8# workhorse laptop.

I'm an IT geek who does web, network and security. I've been known to do some development - when I have to.

So I'm not an android tablet user - yet. I'd get an iPad but I've become really disenchanted with Apple. First they tried to weasel out of fixing my video card. Now this whole OSX virus thing and them telling the service reps who they call geniuses and who I call id10Ts to a) lie about it and b) not to fix it. I really like OSX because the network stack in it is about a billion times better than Windows and for what I do, that's critical. But I can run Linux and Ubuntu really has come a very long way with their desktop versions, both GNOME and KDE. Most servers and network gear, at least around here, run some kind of *nix so I'm pretty comfortable with it as an OS and android is a hacked up *nix.
Glad you found us! How much are you looking to spend on a tablet?

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You know there is a webservrr that you can run on your tablet? You can set the number of concurrent connects. I set it to 5. You might also a tablet thwart has hdmi out. Suggest tablet discussion forum.
Welcome and glad you found us
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