Android Tablet News Roundup - 9/20/2010


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Dec 15, 2009
It's a truly exciting time for Android Tablet news lately. I'm sure your tired of hearing about the Samsung Galaxy Tab and your ready for it to 'just get here' already. So am I. But until then, we have to make do with the flood of news that has been coming out recently instead.

So, here's another android tablet news roundup to consolidate all that news into a single post.

First up is the first "Commercial" for the Galaxy Tab that shows it in use throught people's daily lives... really similar to an iPad commercial but without the same production quality.

(Sources: Engadget, BGR)

We haven't reported on it yet but there have been some information floating around about the HTC "Tablet PC" which will be running Android. Well, Engadget posted some "concrete" information sourced from DigiTimes that claims that Pegatron already has a build order in place... so it's just a matter of time.

HTC has been on fire lately producing a number of high quality phones running the Android OS on all the different carriers. We can only hope that level of high quality will remain in the tablets they build as well.

(source: DigiTimes)

Gizmodo also had a piece on it here and also claims that it will be powered by a Nvidia Tegra2 processor combination... which is quite potent. But, intel also released information earlier that the Tegra2 can't do 1080p decoding... so let's hope that's not a limitation. (It did come from a competitor, so take it with a grain of salt)

(Source: Gizmodo)

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