Android Tablet to read ebooks


Nov 13, 2010
hi there,
i just have a question . . .

im interested in buying an ereader for travelling . . but like the convenience of being able to use wifi or read comics in colour.

I was thinking of a tablet as a good and cheaper way to do it . .

but my question is . . how good are tablets as readers??
as in . . . whats the quality like? speed? battery life? heavy? does it heat up?


Jun 19, 2010
From my experience, a tablet is really good as an eBook reader. I have a Camangi WebStation, witch is a rather low-performance tablet and can read eBooks and PDFs with no problem. The battery life for a tablet depends on many factors...Mostly have about 4 hours of intensive use with WiFi on...some even longer.


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Oct 5, 2010
I bought a 7" tablet - I like the form-factor because it's very light-weight and easy to carry and as an eReader it is about the size of a pocket-size book (but nowhere near as thick). I have a comic book reader (for CBZ, CBR files) but it's a little small for that - a 8" or 10" screen would probably be a better size for reading comics, as it's closer to the size of Manga or traditional comic pages.


Nov 6, 2010
I have the Kindle. It's fine for black and white text, or line drawing images, but I'm really happy with my Cruz Table which has color, much better web browsing, and two way e-mail. (Kindle is receive only, and only attachments in the correct format.)

On my Cruz Tablet, I get about 10 hours battery life with the Moon+ reader for epubs, and the Kindle app for prc format. (Apparently the native Kindle awz only works on Kindle devices, and is translated to Palm format prc for Androids.)

The Kindle weighs less than half, and runs for a couple days on a charge (all week on standby) -- but that's with me shutting off wifi. My little Cruz Tablet has never gotten warm. Maybe I'm under using it.


Nov 13, 2010
Yeah pretty much any android tablet you can install e-book apps such as Kobos, Kindle, Nook, Aldiko, etc.
Some android tablet options from cheaper to more expensive include:
For the first two, you'd also have to search online for how to install apps.

-pandigital novel, $150 or so? at Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond, and other places
-sylvania 7 inch tablet at kmart, sears, toys r us, $150 or so
-nook color (due out next week), $249 - this is meant to be an e-reader, Barnes & Noble
-cruz reader, tablet $200, $300, Borders book stores sell these (made by Velocity Micro)
-archos 70, 101 - $279, $300-ish, they may be out of stock of the 70 now, 101 not avail. til Dec.
-Huawei S7 - $300 at best buy, too long and small for my tastes
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Feb 1, 2012
Hi There, well I think that tablet is not the best chocie for reading bookks.If you read magazines and comic books, they for sure 7 inch tablet could be the best choice. For a reading which lasts more than 1 hour is much better to invest in a kindle. I use my samsung galaxy tab for reading comics (tataly satisfied.)


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Oct 25, 2011
Interestisng discussion. I have a Sony ereader and a Sony S tablet. Both are excellent devices. Overall, I prefer reading on the tablet. It is great to have a choice and have the same books on both! The ebook is better if you will be outside or in brightly lit areas (if you have one with e-ink). The tablet is better in non-bright areas.

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Nov 2, 2011
I am having a hard time getting my transformer101 asus to act as a gps . Any clues? The book ( hah ) does not help at all. Thx

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