Android Vs. iPad - What’s The Best Tablet

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Jan 7, 2012
Welcome to the technology wars. Whenever there is something new on the market it is not long before everybody has a version of it. Choosing a best should not be predicated upon bells and whistles, but performance, price, options and functionality. Read on for a side by side comparison of the iPad and Android in these areas.
Performance: If the truth is told they both perform remarkably well. Primary functions the are the same. So what if the iPad doesn’t have a camera or USB ports. It also does not support flash, which is an important feature since its browser is safari. With iPad you cannot do YouTube, more’s the pity. Performance in all of the areas that count they are tied.
Price: If you are into buying apps that are fun then Android is the way to go. The best part about the Android is that all of the apps are free source applications. This means that you can tinker with and improve upon any app they have. This is not so with the iPad. Their applications are very proprietary.
Options: If you love Android it is probably because of the different options that it does offer. It has several versions on the market while the iPad is well the iPad. That is all well and good but Apple is the hardware master. Let’s face it software (Google’s forte) comes and goes, but hardware is forever. That is the power Apple has as far as being the number one brand name in hardware over Google.
The facts are that for the average user any of the pads on the market would do in a pinch. Which begs the question is more always better? Really there are apps for everything with the Android and that may just be its downfall. The speeds with which these apps are activated have already caused eruptions in families. The price of these seemingly innocent apps for the android can add up really fast. This is one problem the iPad doesn’t have.
The Apple iPad is the top seller in the world but Google has been giving it a run for its money. With all of the different pads working with various Operating Systems they are a going to steal a lot of the iPad’s thunder. The only thing that would really bring Apple down is that it is on the AT&T network. A net work known for its spotty and erratic service.
Buy what you like and what you can afford but for more continuous service the Android wind hands down. Bear in mind if Apple went with another service, other than AT&T they would be unstoppable.
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Jan 6, 2012
Android is the best

I have a galaxy 10.1 & so does my wife. My son (a softare engineer) is an Ipad freak. I have worked with both. Ipad has the edge in gaming res and maybe pips the galaxy in the video department, but that is it. I will not change. We also have restrictions in SA with Apple applications.

Android for me - thank you.