Another *stupid* question


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Feb 8, 2011
In looking, I have not located an answer to this -

Most devices (I'm considering several including a Galaxy Tab, a rooted Nook Color, etc.) have similar basic features, with most discussions centering on the lack of extras (in some cases defined as deal breakers), but most seem to allow expansion of the storage through a microSD card.

My question, can this be used as a removable media and accommodate several cards?

My goal is to replace both my Archos 605 (video player) and my Sony reader when traveling. As my Sony has 24g+ of storage currently at roughly 75% and my 605 has a 160 G drive roughly 80% full, it is easy to see a 32g mSD causes severe compromises. And yes, I have considered the 250G Archos 7O, but have a long history of adventures with Archos and the quality of their support. I'd like to be in the position to carry several SD cards and swap based on function.

Thanks for any advice on this.