Any aPads Currently Out Worth Buying?


Oct 6, 2010
I Know there are probably hundreds of these topics around here, but that's because there is far too much info on this forum for people to wade through =P.

From what I have read there is going to be a boom of truly good aPads sometime between now and the holidays. So my question is: Are there any good ones out now? I spent the last 2-3 hours searching like crazy. There are just far too many generic junkers to wade through.

Roughly what I'm looking for:

NICE Responsive Touch Screen. (I don't know the difference between resistance and the other. I don't really care as long as it's accurate and responsive. I have an iPhone, so if I had to downgrade to something like the ancient touch screens that required you to use your fingernail, I would cry.)

Preferably Multi-touch. (Any serious competitor for the iPad has to have this).

At least 800MHz Proc. Preferably 1GHz, but if not, it's not a deal breaker.

Support AT LEAST 720p.

Either comes stock with, or can be hacked, to access the Android Marketplace. Or is fairly simple to find decent apps for here or on various sites.

7"-10". I would be fine with anything in that range.

Slim Design. I have seen a few with awesome specs and had my cursor hovering on BUY and then saw a picture of the thing. Some of them are just so thick and bulky they might as well be a full size laptop.

I've noticed that most come stock with 2-4 GB of ROM with the option to expand via SD cards. This is fine, but if there are some out there that have 32+GB HDD's, that would be nice.

If/When I get one I will primarily be using it for watching videos and reading books. I'm sure that no matter which one I get I can most likely get some form of a Kindle app on it, so that isn't a biggy. As for supported video formats, the more the merrier. I mainly download AVI's and MKV's.

If you have made it this far and actually intend to respond, I thank you very much :)

Edit: I stumbled across this one in another post, optinions?

The website looks a little sketchy to me, and the screen is plastic, which leads me to believe it most likely has poor responsiveness.


Oct 10, 2010
Hi. I too need to know the answer to your question. My needs are exactly like yours.
My PDA died 2 days ago, and I desperately need an appointment schedular, notepad, and books to carry in my handbag. I think I would like to surf the net and definately watch youtube and videos.

I like the link you found - good price too.
I can't decide between these two:

7" Android Tablet PC Netbook - NEW RELEASE- ANDROID 2.1


Processor Speed: 800 MHz
Hard Drive Capacity: 4 GB
Memory (RAM): 256 MB
Chip Type: TELECHIP 8902
Size: 7 inches
Features: Carrying Case, Wireless Network Card, Operating System, USB

#2.Wits A81E Ipad android 2.2 corttex with GPS

Processor: ARM CORTEX A8 600M
WITS A81 600MHz ARM Cortex A8 CPU
running Windows CE 6.0
GPS navigation system

Oh- and just saw this one on ebay.
7 TFT Tablet Android 2.2 Telechips 8902 Flash Player - eBay, iPads Tablets, Computers Networking. (end time 04-Nov-10 18:15:37 AEDST)