Any tablets like the Archos 43 out there?


Aug 7, 2010
Just wondering. I really want a iPod touch sized device and have been looking at the Archos 43. The only thing that concerns me is that I can not find out how much ram it has and the fact that it has a resistive touch screen. Are there any other tablets in this size? Also is the resistive 1 touch or 2?


Well you know the Archos 5(Archos 48) and the Dell Streak 5
But there is also Ramos and Viliv. The down side for Viliv is that I think it is more of a UMPC than a tablet. The downside for Ramos has always been an underpowered processor

If I were going to Buy right now, I would go 43 for Froyo, I would choose an A5/500(48/500) if wanting capacity.
If I were waiting, I would consider some of the ones shown at CES 2011. I cannot remember the name of one of them but were nothing but non-3G PMP sized tablets.