[APP] Barnacle Wifi Tether - Route the Data Connection on your S7 to Other Devices


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Jul 9, 2010

This is common knowledge for some veterans here already.

Barnacle wifi tether creates a working adhoc wifi hotspot in your S7 that allows the Edge or 3G data connection within your S7 to be used by external devices that support adhoc connectivity, such as your laptop.

Wifi tether was tested not to work. To use this, you need to be rooted. You will also need to go into settings and disable wpa_supplicant.
+1 for this. Been using this or a long time and it is really good. I did not have to touch my wpa_supplicant file, there is an option in barnicle to do this for you I think or to bypass it or something.
Nevermind...I installed it.

However, when I try to run it, I click "Start" and it fails with the message, "Barnacle requires 'su' to access the hardware! Please make sure you have root access."

My S7 is very much rooted and I have SU access in many other apps. Any idea what might be going on?
Barnacle Wifi Tether will not work.
When i "Start", Wifi will disabled?!? "Disabling Wifi Manager" in a bubble.
And in the log "Waiting until Wifi is disabled".
I have used UniversalAndroot for root.

We need Android 2.2 :(
It works fine on my S7. And has since december last year.
It does not need 2.2.
Have you tried editing the settings as described in the first post?

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Wii tether works from setup as standard in froyo. It supports WPA2. Also no problems browsing window shares us ES File Manager.

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