App Packages for Pandigital Novels


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Jun 30, 2010
I am one of the "Lucky Ones" that got a White Pandigital Novel for 60 dollars. After installing a custom rom on it found here i am running Ver. 3 I decided I was going to set it up to my liking. So I installed a couple of apps to make my life a little bit easier when using this device. All of these apps can be found in the market and are free, but i put together a package for anyone who is interested. it contains 6 apps.

1. Aldiko- It is a great Ebook reader and works fantastically on the Android side of this device
2. Button Savior- It sets up soft buttons on any screen so you have dedicated soft keys for home, back, and search buttons along with others
3. No Lock- It is great because it still lets your device sleep but when you wake it up you dont have to slide to unlock, which i dont know if its just me but the rotary lock in ver. 3 is a little tricky
4. Quick Boot- It lets you turn off your device or reboot it from just an app. No more fiddling with the power slide button on top, which i dont know if its just me again but i dont like it.
5. Tag Home 1.6- This is my favorite home replacement, it isnt as visual as adw but it has alot of cool functions, like categorizing apps in tabs and uninstall right from the app drawer.
6. App Backup- This is not a necessary app but I added it because it is an easy way for others to make app packages and share them with us. This app can do a batch backup and then all you have to do is copy the folder from your sd card rename if you want (i would) then zip it and upload it to a file hosting site and wallah you have an app package to share with all of us.

Those are the six apps that I put in my app package, they have made my life easier and i hope they will make your Pandigital Novel experience a breeze as well.

To install you will need Astro File Manager found in the market then download the zip extract the apk's and then install or you can follow this link for more help
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The "Quick Boot" app included in the download was one I was looking for (I don't have Market access). Only this newer version includes the ability to shutdown an android device without using it's power button.
Your welcome and I love the quick boot app with shut down it makes it so much easier for this device

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first time on this forum...hi, completely untechie grandma of 7 here. Raising 3 of them in wheelchairs so an android tablet in the ipad price range is not an option... bought a black 7" pandigital novel on black friday... have tried to turn it into android tablet ...using pandigital downloads on their site, no surprise,,, doing something wrong.. I need detailed, and I do mean detailed directions to do this right.. every click, every move.. as in please don't say do a zip file, tell me how.... If I can accomplish this, I want to buy three for the kids and do the same for them... they would be thrilled... Thanks...
so you have already tried copying a zip file to the sd card and then holding down the proper buttons on start up correct? If you have done that did you copy the zip file to the internal sd card or did you copy it to the external sd card that you put into the outside sd card slot?
I can already tell that I did not do it that way, since I don't know how to do zip file..I have it downloaded onto my computer.. from there I am lost.. your talking to someone that freely admits she is proud to be able to copy and
Hopefully I can download it now to sd card and try to put it on my pandigital novel... crossing fingers...
Has anyone been able to still use nook app after changing PDN to android tablet... don't want to loose that since it was main reason for getting it.
Nook and pandigital novel are two different devices

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I, too, have the black 7" Pandigital Novel and I successfully downloaded the Android platform from the Pandigital site. However, now I am completely unable to download any apps from Android. Everytime I try, I'm sent to a page that says that I do not have permission to do what I requested. I would really like to know how to get apps on my Novel, which is the point of having the Android platform. And, like vablueridgegirl, I'm not very program literate. I'll need a step-by-step instruction. Thank you for your help.
Thank you. I went throuh the link and then downloaded the update directly to the Novel. When that didn't work, I used a SD card. Still, I'm unable to download any apps. I'm still receiving the 'no permission' message. I noticed my firmware version says it's 1.5. Could that be my isse? Again, I gratefully appreciate your help.
have you two look through the pandigital section here to see what you can find?
probbiethe1, thanks for putting this together. I've read on Slatedroid that there is a V2.0 of Aldiko. Does your package have that version?

thanks again
It has the newest version for that time not sure if its v2 or not

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