Problem with a Pandigital Novel? Help~


Nov 3, 2011
My little cousin got a Panditgital Novel White about 3 days ago and it was working fine. Yesterday, he experienced some lag, and pushed the back button like 5 time and the tablet rebooted itself (went to the startup "Pandigital Novel" page when you turn it on so I assume it rebooted) but it wouldnt stop loading the tablet. I expect that the problem was due to him running a few apps at once and he overloaded it, given the Novels small ram capacity. Whatever the case it's now stuck in a loop where it won't come on past the start up screen. We've removed the battery cabled then re-plugged it back in, reset it, and turn it on and off but still nothing. It has not been flashed or modded in any way, so it may just be a bum tablet. But I wanted to check and see if someone knew how to fix it before we return it for another one.
Mine has a reset button on the top edge.its a very small hole. Insert the tip of a paper clip, press and hold down for 15 seconds. Our you could remove the battery.