App to Write On PDF Documents


Feb 12, 2014
I got a tablet to go paperless when I attend conferences. Today was my first conference after buying the tablet (Asus Memo) and I was so dissappointed to find out that the electronic material was distributed as protected PDF files! Colleagues with an iPad were able to take notes (highlight, circle, write with a "pen"... Most said they were using Notability) but I wasn't. I downloaded a bunch of apps but while they worked fine with random PDF files I already had on the tablet, none of them worked with the protected conference material. I tried iAnnotate PDF, ezPDF reader, adobe reader, Freenote, and Foxit PDF. I tried LectureNotes I was able to write notes, but it took over 10 minutes to open a 6 page pdf document of powerpoint-like slides Given that each workshop has at least 2 files and there are 10-15 workshops each day of the conference, it is VERY impractical!
Am I missing something? At this point I am tempted to return the tablet and *gasp* buy an iPad! :mad:


Dec 28, 2013
I am having the same problem (and the same temptation to return my Galaxy Note 10.1 -- although I have always detested the iOS). I have also tried using the annotate feature in Adobe Reader, but it can't seem to handle more than a few pages at a time. I have also tried this in S-Note (the Samsung proprietary app) and although I can get the PDF to open and I can screenwrite on it using the S-Pen, I am then unable to scroll to the next page. I am stumped.

Any non-newbies here able to help us out? I would love to love my tablet but right now I can't use it for the #1 reason I bought it. Thanks in advance!