Apps not working on my Ployer Momo 11


Apr 27, 2012
Hi. I received my Ployer Momo yesterday and It seems ok, other than the lack of apps that seem to work with it.
A number of apps that I have downloaded or tried to download either won't download due to incompatability Or download and then won't work.
Is there any way to get over this?
Can I download from a different source or do something to the tablet to get it to work with these apps?
Thanks all
Hi, just seen your message and this is probably too late, but ...

For some reason, some apps were not installed correctly (or at all) from some suppliers so try this.

First go to Settings>security>unknown sources (enable this option)

Download apps from links below

Kindle -

BBC Iplayer 1.3 -

Flash 11 -

Evernote -

Bump -

Twitter -

Skype -

Facebook -

Amazon UK -

Itv Player -

Chrome -

Google maps -

Youtube 720p -

Skymap - Google_Sky_Map_v1.6.4.apk

Hope these links help! All other apps, please consider downloading from PLAY STORE (pre installed) app.