Ployer Momo 11 Speaking Chinese


Apr 27, 2012
Hi all. Received my Ployer Momo today and installed a few apps which seemed to be causing the tablet to freeze a bit.
So I decided on a factory reset. oops, big mistake, everything is now chinese.
Any ideas on how to make it speak english again?
Please help.
Hi I have just done same oops bad move but my mandarin is non existent can you tell me how I get setting to English thank you
Hi SAH, congratulations on your Ployer Momo tablet and welcome to the forum. Glad you decided to join us here at Android Tablets.

Unfortunately, many tablet exit the factory with Chinese as the default language and are reset by the sellers to English for sale in English speaking countries. So, when you "factory reset", it reverts back to the way it left the factory.:(

This was posted by RobV: "For Android - Settings - Capital "A" on left side - then first Choice on top right side --- scroll down to select language. Tap on English or your preferred choice."

This has worked for several people and hopefully it will for you.