Archos 101 or Viewsonic G-tab?


Dec 2, 2010
I thought that they had a recall on the Viewsonic due to some sort of quality control issue. Try doing a search for it prior to making your decision. I have an Archos 70 250gb and I love it so far.


Dec 7, 2010
The market on it sucks, but install Slideme, 1mobile market, and go to and alls good. I'm sure you can get better performance out of it by rooting and installing a custom rom, but if you can live without the official "Android Market" it runs good with the new Viewsonic firmware. You can also use (comes on favorites in stock browser). It takes some searching but I have found more then enough apps to keep me busy.


Jan 23, 2011
That's pretty much the case for the G Tablet. I own one and have been involved with the modders over at XDA since they first came out. I can honestly say it's a real whiz BUT there's not a lot more we can do with it without source code which Viewsonic doesn't seem to be too willing to release. The dual core Tegra 2 is a screamer, the 512M RAM, 16G built-in storage, the microSD card and the full-size USB port all make for some real potential, only some of which we've been able to unlock with custom ROMs. But, if you aren't interested in modding, perhaps the Archos is a better bet.

I have a Viewsonic myself but got it after watching three reviews by different editors and one by user.
The fact is the Viewsonic is by far a better pad, period. Why so adamant? The Archos talks a good show but the hardware is not as good as the G in several ways. The processor. The use our songs, videos so we can make money for others routine not unlike apple. The quality of the build, although nice in appearance is plastic with that real plastic feel and touch. And lastly, after the mod the pad is excellent. The Archos is not anywhere to be seen. Hello Adam Notion Ink.

Seriously I was determined to buy an Archos but after reading reviews and seeing and touching one my money is on the G tablet. The innards compete best even with the new crop of tablets. It is a bit heavy but then again it is glass,, metal and with a ROM and solid screen protector it is a hard to beat machine.

I am sight impaired and the last point is for those of you tht have issues with vision. If you have access to mods and we all do than you can make this puppy your own and usable in a way most tablets do not allow.:cool: