Archos 70 internet connection


Feb 11, 2011
Hello & greetings from new user!

I'm really close to buy Archos 70 tablet but im still a bit worried about few things. Mainly i would like to know if it's possible to connect Archos to internet with my huawei E169 3G usb modem?

Does bluetooth tethering really work as it's supposed to? I don't have a wifi at this point but i could buy a cheap access point if the other connection methods aren't that good. That would restrict the usage to only wifi though... If it's possible to connect internet with that usb modem i'll order the tablet right away!


Dec 24, 2010
Nobo, I have Archos 70 Internet Tablet. I am not familiar with your usb modem, but I can share this info. Without rooting, the Archos does not support peer to peer networking so I cannot connect my motorola Droid to it thru USB or peer to peer wireless connections. I can however connect it to my Droid using bluetooth and it works reasonably well.

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