Archos Outs Large New Lineup of Several Tablets, a Smartphone & More Ahead of IFA


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Jan 5, 2011

Archos decided to jump the gun with the announcement of their entire lineup of new Android products. They will be debuting the devices at IFA in Germany next week, but they decided to share details a bit early in a press release. The list of devices is extensive and includes several tablets, a smartphone and potentially a smartwatch. Here's the full press release below,

IFA 2013: ARCHOS Confirms Mobile Connected Strategy with Innovative Tablet and Smartphone Lineup

ARCHOS, a pioneer in Android devices, is pleased to announce its tablet and smartphone strategy for year-end 2013.

Leveraging its four years of Android expertise, ARCHOS has optimised its product development aiming at offering innovative products based on Android and focused into the mobility segment, from tablets to smartphones to connected objects.

"This combination of innovation, value for money and rich product portfolio should allow ARCHOS to further increase its market share in the coming months," said Loic Poirier, CEO of ARCHOS.

CONTINUING TABLET INNOVATION: Powerful, Google certified tablets with HD screens

The Platinum range - featuring Quad-Core processors, sleek Aluminum design, wireless display technology and IPS screens up to 2048 x 1536 running Android 4.2.

The new Gen11 tablet, the ARCHOS 101xs2, is designed for performance, media playback and productivity. Powered by a quad-core processor with HD IPS screen it also features front-facing dual stereo speakers and ARCHOS' unique magnetic keyboard functionality.

RENEWING THE THEMED TABLET RANGE: products designed for specific use

Unique to the new line of themed devices is a home screen application developed by ARCHOS that curates the more than 1 million apps inside of Google Play™. Here each user can discover a selection of apps that best fits the purpose of the tablet making it easier for the end user to find the right content.

The new ARCHOS ChildPad range features a user interface designed for children, Google Play filtered for children, full parental controls and will run Android 4.2. Additionally, this range will feature the 101 Childpad designed to bridge the gap from the digital world of the tablet to content in the real world using magnetic figurines.

For gamers, the new ARCHOS GamePad 2 is the perfect combination of Android tablet and gaming console with access to thousands of the latest games. More details on this device to be released soon.


Expanding its deep Android expertise and answering user demand, ARCHOS is moving full speed ahead enhancing its existing line of 3G and 3G + tablets.

The new ARCHOS Xenon Range of 3 tablets will feature HD screens, up to Quad-Core CPUs, and will run Android 4.2 offering 3G connected devices cheaper than Apple or Samsung Wi-Fi tablets.

The new ARCHOS Smartphone line will include the Oxygen range, additions to the Platinum range and the Titanium range. All smartphones will feature pure un-skinned Android OS and Google Certification.

The flagship smartphone, the ARCHOS 50 oxygen, features a full HD IPS screen, Quad-Core CPU at 1.5 GHz, 16GB storage, Android 4.2 and 13MP back camera and a 5 MP front camera.

The Titanium range, starting at £99 with a 4 inch device, will feature Dual-Core CPUs, Bluetooth, GPS, Dual SIM card slots, Android 4.2, 5MP back cameras and 0.3 MP front cameras.

Archos will provide further details and unveil this product strategy on their stand at IFA 2013, located in Hall 17, Stand 106.

Further information will also be available on the Archos website upon launch - ARCHOS.

Future plans in the ARCHOS product strategy include enriching its smartphone lineup with the addition of 4G LTE models and to develop a full range of Connected Objects, including a unique Smart Watch concept.


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Dec 12, 2012
Well, well, well.
I had seriously hoped this would happen, and I'm crossing my fingers regarding the announcement of the Gamepad 2. As someone who, to this day, is seriously considering the OG Gamepad, it is an enticing idea that a similarly priced, albeit updated version could be on the horizon.
Before anyone freaks out, I am fully aware of the shortcomings of the Gamepad, but I'm hoping Archos read the reviews and is revising, because slightly better controls, fixed firmware, increased battery life, and more internal storage would make it a viable device, and most of that stuff doesn't need to increase the price all that much. All that is hardware dependent is the battery and storage. Storage, as we know, is insanely cheap, and there already exists a mod for the OG Gamepad that can triple the battery life with a $20 battery. Consider that as an OEM, Archos can acquire these parts at low cost in bulk, and we could have a $200 device that can really compete.
Now, we just have to get Archos to release their products on time...