[Article] Will Honeycomb on the Nook Color affect Xoom sales?


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Dec 8, 2010
You really have to wonder how closely Motorola has been watching the extravaganza that the development community has been having with the Nook Color. Dollars will undoubtedly flow towards the soon-to-be-released Xoom, but will they flow just a little bit less now that Honeycomb can be installed on a $250 "e-reader?"
Do you think the recipients of the latest Google flagship device deal are squirming just a little bit?
A commercial for the Xoom ran during the Super Bowl, hailing it as "the fastest tablet running Android 3.0 'Honeycomb.'" But wasn't it just recently being described as "the first tablet to run Android 3.0 Honeycomb?" You have to wonder . . .
While the Nook Color is running Honeycomb much sooner than expected, I haven't lost track of the facts that:

  • the Xoom's specs eat the Nook's specs for breakfast
  • this is a port of an SDK preview of Honeycomb we're running, not yet the real thing
  • it takes some serious tweaking in order to get the Nook into a Honeycomb-running state.
So obviously, we're talking about two completely different classes of devices--and maybe different target buyers as well. I get that.
However, while obviously inferior, the Nook Color's hardware really isn't bad at all. I've heard some say "Honeycomb's designed for a dual-core processor, it'll run like crap on the Nook." But my Nook Color is running Honeycomb from its internal memory, and it's overclocked to 1.1GHz. It's silky-smooth and plenty fast, and I only expect it to improve.

If deeper-blue (the latest rock star of the dev community) can...
Will Honeycomb on the Nook Color affect Xoom sales? | Android Central


Nice read, word is spreading about our little NC. :)


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Jan 21, 2011
That article would have been meaningless to me without your pic...

+1 for the pic.


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Jan 8, 2011
they are two very different devices...I doubt the difference it makes will have much impact.

7" screen vs. 10.3" screen...default Honeycomb vs. tweaking, sideloaded Honeycomb...

The general masses are not going to take the effort to get honeycomb to work on their Nook.

But I certainly wouldn't pay what they want for the Xoom either...plus a data plan? They can byte me!


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Dec 8, 2010
For the price, I would be too sure. Money is a big concern to most and even it's not even a close matchup hardware wise, if one can run honeycomb reasonable as well as the xoom, it would be hard to justify that $800 price tag. :) Go jump on the Motorola section of the forum, they are not too happy about that xoom price announcement, honeycomb or not. I would have to say the NC has definitely cut into the sales of the Samsung tab.