B&N Free Friday Books

2/5/21 Today's book is Escorting the Player by Leigh James.

Winning is important but this is championship quarterback Chase Layne's last chance for glory. All he wants for his final season is to win the Superbowl.
2/19/21 Today's book is The Foundation by Steve P. Vincent.

A shadowy group is manipulating society. Now, their endgame has arrived.
2/26/21 Today's book is The Secret Keeper by Brea Brown.

Peyton Stratford is her family's unofficial keeper of all things secret, from the petty and mundane to the potentially life-changing. But Peyton is keeping a secret of her own. And it's a doozy.
3/5/21 Today's book is An Ignorant Witch by E M Graham.

She's a half-blood with natural powers, in a town where the aristocratic Witch Kin have the monopoly on all things magic... And they'll kill to keep it that way.
3/12/21 Today's book is Revenge Is Sweet by Kaye George.

Tally Holt has opened a new candy store with a vintage twist . . .but there’s no sugar-coating a nasty case of murder . . .
3/26/21 Today's book is Displaced by Bridget E. Baker.

A saga of shocking truths, deadly intrigue, and sisterly betrayal among the descendants of Eve.
4/9/21 Today's book is Mind Games by Nancy Mehl.

Kaely Quinn's talents as an FBI behavior analyst are impossible to ignore, no matter how unorthodox her methods.
4/16/21 Today's book is Not Quite Dead by Lyla Payne.

When the ghost of 18th century lady pirate Anne Bonny starts insisting on a near daily audience, Graciela has to confront something else she never expected--being certifiably nuts at twenty-five years old.
4/23/21 Today's book is Flights of Fancy by Jen Turano.

Miss Isadora Delafield may be an heiress, but her life is far from carefree. When her mother begins pressuring her to marry an elderly and uncouth duke, she escapes from the high society world she's always known and finds herself to be an unlikely candidate for a housekeeper position in rural Pennsylvania.