Battery replacement


Jul 29, 2016
I replaced the original battery over a year ago. I bought a new one off Ebay from a reputable reseller. As of 12+ months later, the battery is not giving me a lot of charge. Last night I went to bed with a 95% charge. I was in bed watching YouTube, Facebook, Kodi, etc. Within 2 hours, it was down to 15%. I am wondering if there's an app out there that takes measurements of the battery, to see if it's holding a proper charge. I can certainlly replace the battery again, but I want to know for sure if this thing is shot or not.(car racing games download)

Also on a different topic, my headphone jack is also shot. When I plug in a headphone, it crackles on one side and I can only hear on one side. If I jiggle the headphone plug in by the jack, it will be good on both ears. I actually ordered a headphone jack, but it was the wrong fit. WOndering what options do I have. Can the current headphone jack be fixed?

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