Bazaar and Aptoide V2.0


Nov 10, 2010
Hi guys!

In the year since its release, Aptoide and related forks (such as ApkTor and Blapkmarket) have reached an audience of more than 250,000 Android users and the number of new users is increasing at an impressive rate. Since the early versions of Android, we as developers believed that Aptoide's decentralised model of package installation could and should co-exist with Google Market's centralised system. We seem to share a common vision with other developers and users as the number of modified versions of Aptoide indicates. Having public and open, documented interfaces, available as GPL v2.0 ensures that anyone who wishes to participate can and is in fact welcome to do so.

The Aptoide app allows users to easily install applications from distributed repositories, without having to rely on the Google Market.

We are proud and excited to share with you the following news:

The launch of Bazar site (

- the first worldwide site that allows you to create your own market.

- under the motto "Oen your market!" you can now have your own Aptoide repository with your applications.

- upload and manage your applications and share them with the world or just your friends.
- easily browse the available Android Apps and choose which to install from your Android device.

The launch of Aptoide V2.0 enables these extra features:

- Add repositories via QR-code.

- Support for private repositories with login credentials (through the standard httpaccess file).

- Faster reloading of the list of applications from the repository

- Many other features and bug fixes. - Your feedback is essential. Test it and let us know what you think.
- Together as a community we can merge the best features provided by the decentralised Open Source spirit to the quality assurance provided by centralised App stores.

Look forward to hearing from you!
Aptoide team

Bazaar team


Nov 10, 2010
Hi guys...

Yesterday Aptoide and forks (ApkTor, F-Droid,...) were banned from the market without further explanation.
Aptoide is in the market for more than one year.
It seems the growing momentum of Bazaar (Home • Bazaar - Your Own Aptoide / Apktor Repository) triggered Google's decision.

There is an interesting thread going on on the Android forum:

Censorship ? Aptoide and forks (ApkTor) had been removed from the Market - Android Market Help

Some people defend that is being used to warez.
Some state that an open definition of apks repository and a GPLv2 client is important when a growing number of non-compatible proprietary app stores (Samsung, Acer,...) are showing up.

Have a nice 2011.