Beginner Questions!


Jan 13, 2011
sense there have been a lot of tablets in CES 2011, it's a must have thing (at least for me),
& right now i prefer to have Android so i have couple of questions please:-
1. does all android tablets have one major android market for apps & games?
& when the company of the device have it's own market, does these two conflict
with each other in any way possible? & if you don't mind giving me a picture of the market.
2. if i bought android 3.0 ( HoneyComb ), & in the future they make android let's say 3.5,
can i upgrade my device version to this? Thanks & Best REGARDS
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make sure you get a tablet that has the official market on it. and there is no guarantee you will be able to upgrade os unless the manufacturer guarantees it
So is the Official Market which is distributed on the Android devices is the same one?
( is all the apps & games are the same; like App Store with iphone & ipod )

3. Does Android OS have File/Folder Explorer?
If you get a market with the official market then it will have all the apps and yes there are alot of file browsers

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