Best Android Tablet and Tablet Supplier (chinese)


Jul 23, 2012
Hello fellow members,
I would like to know which is the best brand of chinese Tablets with good configuration and low price? I would like to get in touch with a reliable supplier/seller/manufacturer as i have started my own online shop in india. Currently we are getting products from different sellers depending on price . We need a good supplier for long term relationship and support. I Have heard about Ainol, Onda and Cube but one seller provided list of some other tablets ZX-MD72 A-13 1.5 GHz 1GB DDR3 Android 4.0 Capacitive screen and its price is pretty low $81 with DHL shipping. I have ordered this one for testing purpose as pricing is nice but i am not sure about the quality. Now can you guys guide me to the right path for selecting few good Tablet brands and good supplier with support?

Thanks in Advance