best mp3 player


Sep 13, 2010
what would the best mp3 player be?
not an app but a device

im looking for something from 3-5 inches and preferably a hard drive and under $350

what would my best choice be for this? I've seen the archos 5 and I'm looking for something similar but maybe cheaper

any suggestions?

thanks in advance


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Aug 6, 2010
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I have been searching for the perfect MP3 unit forever. I ended up with Archos as I wanted one with Balance and advanced audio controls. I have had Gen 3, Gen 4, Gen 4 and Gen 6 of Archos. I have also had IRiver units. Flash giveaways and even had Phillips mini-CD units. Overall I would still choose between and Archos, Samsung or I-River. What I have discovered though is the best unit is still ruined by wannabe quality earphones. The best sound does not come from always from the higher end headsets either.

If there is one weakness in most Android Tablet builds is the MP3 rendering is fairly flat and no better than a lower priced MP3 units. I am hoping this will improve.