Beware of the Fake Apps- TweetDeck now what might be next


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Aug 6, 2010
There are fake apps being produced for exploiting Android. The majority are directed towards the Android Phones. But, there is no reason the same app could not exploit your Tablet. The most recent is the TweetDeck app. The common mechanism is to do SMS or similar messaging to paid sites. This results in charges for the individual.

With Tablets holding 3G or 3.5G modems, this is the risk. The risk is potentially low right now for those who have Android with only WLAN wifi capability. But it would not be difficult to do other nastiness.

This is just a heads up. Choose a trustworthy source if you are downloading from other sources than Market. More Android units were sold last quarter than IPhones (See Link). As tablets become more popular and have integrated 3G Modems, they will face the same risk as the exploits as I just described.


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Jul 9, 2010
I was about to try and download this. Thanks for the heads up.


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Jun 30, 2010
OK just to clarify what gurgle said the actual tweetdeck app is not a phony or a virus or anything malicious, if you read the article that gurgle linked to in his post you will see there was a FAKE tweetdeck loaded to the forums that someone was trying to sell and make money off of which has now been pulled. If you want the official tweetdeck app it is currently in beta and you need to receive an invite but that means its free. You can read more about tweetdeck here TweetDeck on Android - Come And Get It! - TweetDeck's posterous and there is also the link for the invite at that page or you can just go straight to the invite here TweetDeck for Android Beta Preview

but to second gurgle yes there are more and more malicious and fake apps coming out so be careful and make sure to read what permissions the app is requesting before you just click ok