Black PDN for Christmas


Nov 29, 2010
Hey guys,
New to the ereader and tablet thing. I was wondering if I could use the Cruz on the Black PDN, or if the novel is just a ereader and not worht my time messin around with. I am not the type to go in and mess around to much with the unit, but I was hoping I could get this thing to speed up a bit. Also was wondering if anyone can tell me how to access the internal memory. THanks
ok so now I have a problem. I used the new firmware update that made my novel more of a tablet. everything was working fine and i was installing apps into it. I installed laputa which is a ereader app and it installed. After trying to load it it made me forceclose. I decided after I got back to the home screen I would turn off and charge the BPDN. I went to turn the unit back on after charging it and now it is stuck on the blue load screen and nothing will happen. :( . At this point I am willing to just reload the original firmware if I can get it back up and running, can anyone tell me how do to it.
Try the reset button, if that does not work try unplugging the battery.

There is a lot of compatibility problems and white and black are different. On the white with open platform Laputa does not work, but Ireader and Kindle reader work. There is an update to the nook reader and it works on the white with open platform but the older one did not. Version 2.4.1 is the newest at this point.

On the programs, you just have to try them and see if they work. There is a list of them that work on the white one over at, maybe there should be one started for the black one here if there isn't already one.