Blank screen after loading....


Mar 28, 2011
Hi All, I am new to tablet land and this is my first post so please take it easy on me.

My big brother has given me what looks like a Flytouch, (I am not sure of any other details other then as described below. He says worked perfectly well until he played around with the screen settings.

When I turn it on the LED turns green and the tablet vibrates, The android robot appears, with GWT2.0_88 on bottom of screen does a little dance, a UFO appears and then I get the word "Loading....." appears, the screen then goes blank and about 20 seconds later a get a welcome sound....but a completely blank screen. If I press the menu bar I hear a sound. If I touch the screen I hear a sound.......but no vision (totally blank screen).

Its the thing bricked, or is there life in it yet?:) any help will be much appreciated