Bluetooth Network questions


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Mar 31, 2012
I am trying to create a bluetooth network connection between my Viewpad 10S running viewcomb 7.2 and my windows xp SP3 laptop. The bluetooth dongle I am using and the VP communicate just fine because I can send and receive files between them perfectly. What I am trying to do is share the internet connection from my laptop to the VP. I am using Faveset Klink on my Samsung intercept to create a usb tether to provide my laptop with an internet connection. The problem seems to be that I need an app for the Viewpad that will provide some sort of bluetooth networking services. Or maybe I just need someone to drop a link to some reference material that tells me how to set up com ports and such. I have a decent understanding of what I am doing I just ran into a bit of a wall here and I've been banging my head on it long enough that I decided to ask for assistance.

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