Trying to connect GTAB 10.1 to net using PDANET on my TBOLT


Jul 28, 2011
Hello all, i am hoping to find some answers here.I am trying to access internet with my Galaxy Tab at home. Our only source of internet for the last year is PDAnet. Currently I run PDAnet on my TBolt, usb connect to my laptop and surf the web. Is there a way to acces the net (on the tab) either via wifi or bluetooth DUN? I have a wireless router that is recognized by all devices, my phone and tab can successfully be paired with eachother, i feel like I am so close! Any tips here?? Can i pick up on PDAnet's bluetooth DUN through my tab if the devices are paired? can my vista laptop send out a wifi signal either alone or through the router?Thanks for any help with this...its SO frustrating :\