Bootloop after root

surya kumar

Jan 7, 2016
I have try to root with odin and cf autoroot and all work fine, then I have installed twrp for 815 5.0.2 version. After the installation the tablet restart on recovery mode, I try to make a backup and twrp works good but at the restart the tablet is in bootloop.
I can’t shut down. I can only access download mode and not recovery mode.
I have flashed the original firmware with odin and odin says PASS but at the restart it is bootloop again. I try to flash twrp again and odin says PASS, after this I can read on the start screen (the only one I can see) “recovery is not nandroid enforced”. I tried different firmware but nothing work.
Someone can help me?


Staff member
Jun 16, 2012
If you flash a new firmware via Odin, it will take some time before the tablet is usable. This is because Android's ART has to compile every single app on the device.

As to the recovery itself, "Recovery is not SEAndroid Enforcing" is normal. That is simply the bootloader warning you and nothing to be concerned about. Question is, what version of TWRP did you install and where did you install it from? One of the TWRP releases didn't function on Samsung devices.