cables for the Le Pan tablets


Sep 6, 2010
I am exicted to get working with my Le Pan II tablet as soon as it gets to my house.
I am wondering if some of you have tried using the 30 pin cables that are available for it?
I would like to know how well the 30 pin to USB works?
the 30 pin to HDMI? the 30 pin to Ethernet?

Bad news for you, Vernon.

The only cable available currently is the Le Pan supplied 30 pin to USB cable. That does sync, data copying, and charges the tablet.

The USB on the tablet is of the 'OTG' variety, On The Go, meaning it won't offer 5 V power to any device attached to it. A simple usb pendrive for example, won't work.

The HDMI cable is not available yet, Le Pan has promissed it will be out soon, end of March possibly. The pinouts on the 30 pin connector do not match the iPad's, so you can't use their video out cables.

Either build your own, or wait for someone to offer it.

Ethernet, same. Le Pan hasn't mentioned it. Adam, a friend at another site, is working on a prototype usb hub with 30 pin connector to the le pan II, and he hopes it will have RJ45 network, HDMI out, plus a powered usb hub. Maybe then you can connect things like an external HD to it.

Not pretty, tablets are certainly nice and portable, but less functional that any low priced notebook.
Yann, thanks for bringing Vernon up to speed on the cable issue. That has been a long road. hasn't it?
LOL, for sure John.

Are We There Yet? :p

No, kids, still got some miles before you get any working cables for fancier usage.

Adam's idea of a mini-docking station would be great if completed. A lot of functions all in one.
love the docking station idea. hadn't heard about that one. is there a thread on lepan life?
There might be mentions of it in some of the threads, or I might have posted it on the old XDA Dev social groups, which is no longer available.

But Adamvan2000 has ordered parts and is building one, including the the USB hub and other functions.

Hope he gets it going, even if it's a hobby-DIY project, people could be interested in pursuing it.