Can someone help me with this confounded thing before I toss it?


Mar 22, 2011
Just bought a Gentouch 78....yeah, I know, not state of the art but I thought I'd start out slow and see if I liked them.....and I'm ready to toss the thing after only two hours! Why in the world don't they debug and update them prior to shipping???? Anyway, I need someone to walk me through the initial setup and tell me what I'm doing wrong because so far I haven't managed to get the blasted thing to do anything I wanted it to!

If there is anyone willing to help this cranky old woman....I'm 62, but I'm usually the one my friends call when their PC's are acting up....please email me at and I'll send you my phone number, or if you want me to call you, I will do that.

I will be eternally grateful!
Google Augendev.wikispaces and that should get you to a very helpful resource for that tablet.

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