cannot change language from Chinese - APAD IMX515 8" 2.2


Jan 8, 2011
to english.

I'll feel pretty silly if this is just a button I haven't seen... When I try to search in the market it shows up in both languages but auto-corrects in chinese. If I had more patience and time I might find this an interesting learning experience but right now I'm just getting error search msgs.

any help would be appreciated :)
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try switching the default language for the tablet to english, here are the steps:

from the Home screen:
Open Menu->Settings - the icon for this application should look like a cog or wheel or gears
Go to Language and Keyboard - the icon for this is the letter A, should look a little like a scrabble tile

there should only be a couple of limited choices, and you may have them listed in their native writing, so pick English. Otherwise I suggest trial and error.
thanks for your help, I had tried that.
I finally found a similar post in general and it directed me to youtube. What fixed it for me was the pushing the left bottom chinese key on the keyboard when I was in search mode in market, took me to a screen to pick keyboards.
When I did this in setting it didn't register. And because I did not know what the button stood for, did not know to push it.