cannot download and install free apps from android marketplace


Oct 10, 2011
I have a G tablet and cannot download and install any free apps form the android marketplace. every time I try it says purchase cancelled. I can however buy an app and install it, but cannot get any free onesto install, what the hey ?? please reply to my email mirage154@hotmail thanx:(
The way I figured it out was to click the download link, then go up to the yellow exclamation point and when its done it will give you the choice to open or save..I don't know if I'm answering correctly because I'm definitely a noob to all this...but I at least got past that. Can you tell me how to copy and paste? I CANT figure it out...and how do you start a thread? This posting the questions thing?
I have a problem with the store shutting down, one i start a download, i get the message"shut down unexpectedly, then gives some .com site.
My ziio 10 always creating probllem when I try to down load free apps through WI Fi it says u uv no device.How can I down load free apps?