China Tablet Help..... Please!


Jul 15, 2011
My head is spinning.

From Alibaba, to numerous sites in China, I am trying to shop for a tablet. Afraid of making a mistake.

How many of you have purchased these tablets from China and been happy with your purchase?

I am only looking to spend about $250. It seems like there are plenty of options, maybe just too many.

Any guidance would be appreciated.


I am in USA. Looking for 10 inch Android 2.2 or above with Capacitive screen. Wifi, no need for 3G. GPS and blutooth would be nice, but not mandatory.

Is 512 MB Ram a minimum amount?

Hi Dave,

Maybe you could increase just a little bit to own Viewsonic G-Tablet? Like 49bucks extra with free shipping around your continent??

viewsonic g tablet - Google Search

Heard that this unit is much higher specs and many people around your area find it good.

Just my humble opinion.

I am from the east, too bad, no free shipping to my place. :p
For what it's worth, I have purchased two tablets from China. The first was a 10.1 inch screen and the second an 8" screen. I find that I prefer the larger screen easier to read pages on the net, the only problem with the first was that it was android version 2.1 and there was some software that I wanted but would not run on 2.1.
Check out *****************, I have recieved excellent service from them on other purchases, phones etc.
I also have purchased from vendors on Aliexpress,but you have to be very careful who you buy from,many of the vendors are individuals, and the gurantees they offer are not always honored.

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If there are not so many difference regarding specs. and prices, you'd better to pick up from some trusted sellers. You can search online before you place your orders and find out what the seller's reputation is.
ive purchased a 160$ 8" 1GHZ samsung processor tablet and very happy with. The touchscreen suck though, I use a NDS pen and its almost flawless. ;)
I bought two Witstech tablets from and have had nothing but problems with both. Recommend buying well known brands locally, at least if you have problems, you do not have to spend $$$$$ on shipping them back to China. My model A81E will no longer boot and my A81G will only boot on dc power. I have sent two units back to Merrimobiles at $60 each time so am keeping my non-functioning units as reminders not to buy China brand tablets, not worth the risk. Incidentally, I am Chinese so this is not a racist viewpoint!
If you want to buy the tablets in china, there is no problem, but you have to concern what kinds of configuration of the tablets (like processor, ram etc...)you need. if you play the games and you need 512RAM is better. you can find these stuffs in ebay as well.