Help deciding which tablet to buy as a Christmas gift

If I could get a good deal on the keyboard case I would consider getting it. Other than that, I just need something to at least provide a little bit of buffer. What are the prices on hard vs. soft cases? Looks like I might have found something for the grandparents to buy :) :)
Well I don't know for sure, but the ipad 2 is 9.5" long, by 7.31" wide by .34" high and the 1125 is 10.55" long by 6.49" wide by .63" high. They are pretty close, but not exact. There is a sleeve that comes up on searching for cases for this device on Amazon. Coby Kyros MID1024-4G, MID1125-4G 10 inch Sleeve Carry Tablet Case with Free Tablet Stylus: Electronics -Keyboard case! Sucess, run a search on "Coby" on the reviews and this device pops up as the first review mentioning Coby, so that's a plus!

But I am still looking for the invisible shield for it. If you have a big lots near you they had one like I mentioned before, for $7, so if it didn't fit you could either return it, if you don't apply it, or just write it off as it's not that expensive. I hope that the sleeve is what you're looking for. No luck searching for a keyboard case on it yet but I am not done looking. ;)

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Hope this helps! :D
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plus we all know that Android is a far superior operating system!

amen to that!

Welcome to the forum by the way. Perhaps one of the tablets listed in our 2011 Tablet PC Holiday Gift Guide might help you find something for your daughter. I'd personally stay away from the TouchPad with the future of WebOS still being in limbo, but the Coby Kyros that you mentioned might be a descent 'starter' tablet.