Clarifying some things about our stance on the Superpad II at


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Jul 9, 2010
This is to clarify any misunderstandings. It appears that at least one user seems to think that we have something against this particular product.

You may have noticed that we have been removing some posts from this section with links to a vendor by the name of ap*dtv and others. THey have a history of spamming forums with false information with intention to mislead. Our requests for them to stop were unheeded. As a result, we now ban all links to their domains to protect the community from harm.

We here at have the intention to help support the individuals who have purchased the Superpad 2 by providing an open and safe community where they can share information with one another, like we do for all the other tablets here.

With regards to firmware links being hosted on their forum, because of their malicious history with us, we are not going to change our stance of banning their links. Even if this is an added inconvenience, we do not wish to add to their SEO ranking by promoting their links here. This is one of our primary concerns, in addition to controlling their activity here. As such, it would be much better if you could mirror the post in its entirety at a third-party location (such as, but I don't really mind if you post it somewhere else provided that it is readily accessible for other users and people can get the help that they need) where your positive and negative comments on the device or the firmware will be safe from vendor tampering.

With regards to the product itself, I believe it appears to be a solid entry into the 10" low-end Android tablet market. However, there are issues for firmware update continuity, as well as reliability concerns for the first batch of units that have just been released. It is no longer a product following the stream of Gome's official firmware updates. As such, it is difficult to predict what type of support it will have in the future, with no clear location for obtaining firmware updates other than from vendors.

As of right now, none of the moderators here will be investing in a Superpad II. For existing owners, it is up to you to step up to make the most of this or other communities.
Vendors with unsavory and malicious business practices should be banned and censored. Everyone who has bought the "Flytouch III" has already gotten a taste of how they operate. Misleading your consumer base is not that big a deal in China, but we are not in China. Now that we have gotten past the point of no return, those of us who have already purchased, we DO need to make every effort to help and support each other. Using the great people on this forum and any other we can find, we now have to make the best of what we have received.
There is always a way to get things done, we just have to find those ways and help each other along. :D

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