Archos Update on Froyo


Dec 2, 2010
Official statement from Archos on current Froyo firmware

Posted by Charbax on December 3rd, 2010

We have set the ARM cortex A8 CPU to a maximum of 800MHz by default in order to optimize the battery life. All Archos products are using frequency scaling as a means to prolong battery life (e.g. when listening to MP3, CPU speed goes down to 300MHz). 1GHz is currently used for certain tasks like Internet browsing.
We are achieving approximately the same performance between eclair 1.0.84 and froyo 2.0.54 firmwares using Quadrant benchmarking software.
Note that there is an issue with Quadrant benchmarking software on our current firmware resulting in a false result regarding CPU speed evaluation. It has been fixed internally and we reach now a score of more than 1300 for the Archos43it.

We have identified 2 issues with Wi-Fi:
i) Problem: it is impossible to connect on access points using channels above 11. Workaround: configure the access point to use another channel. Problem already solved internally and will be published in a firmware update very soon.
ii) Problem: on some devices wifi gets stuck sometimes with WPA2/AES encryption. Workaround: use a different encryption mode on the access point if possible. We are working with our chipset provider to find a solution.

We have a specific flash plugin configuration that enables hardware acceleration for optimized video decoding that cannot be made public until Adobe certification is completed. All benchmarks currently conducted with other flash plugins will result in poor performance that will not reflect our platform capability.”