CMP738B: Craig's 2.2 update kills WiFi?


Senior Member
Jan 27, 2013
We all know there are two discrete 738Bs out there, one with Realtek WiFi, and one with Ralink. I read the m3red thread a couple times before I gave it a shot, opened mine up and verified a Realtek chip. The custom ROM seemed to work OK, a bit faster than stock, WiFi was fine. But the Market app turned out to be a bust, since google won't even show you apps that your tablet can't run. So no Angry Birds. Dang it. Also couldn't get youtube to work worth a flip. "Sorry!" popped up way too often, and not just youtube. Root and Superuser don't mean that much to me, so I decided to put it back the way it was, with the 2.2 update on Craig's site. Update went smoothly--this thing is very easy in that regard--but....."WiFi Error". Double yew tee eff? With two versions of the tablet on the market, having a single update version makes no sense, unless it accommodates both. Either it doesn't, or flashing with the rooted ROM first did something evil in there.

Anyone else ever have this happen?