Please read before flashing roms!!!!!!


Jan 1, 2012
Thanks a lot Meep the realtekcraig738b.img file has restored the wifi feature on my tablet. Let us know as soon as you have a root for the tablets like mine with the realtek hardware. You are Awesome!

I'm glad to hear that it was fixed. As for the root, it's actually already out. Just check the first post in this thread, and you should be good to go. Just make sure to use the right image, the REALTEK is at the top.


Dec 17, 2011
Well, the WiFi worked all this time (with the new root) and a few days ago it would go into ERROR mode and I'd have to turn it back on again. It's now permanently stuck in ERROR mode again. I'll probably just re-root (if it's not a hardware issue this time). Just posting as FYI for anyone who encounters the same thing!


Feb 18, 2012
Installation of realtekrooted738b.img successful. Thank you.

What did I do?
  1. I checked the WIFI version as indicated, first I downloaded and installed Term.apk and I get the same info as Salty on page 1.
  2. I also downloaded “Security Guard” app and when I checked “Product Information” -> “Operating System Version” I also saw 8188 at the end.
  3. I Downloaded the file realtekrooted738b.img and installed as indicated.
The update is working properly and the WIFI is OK.
The only curious thing is that now if I go to settings -> “about device”, now is showing me model CMP 738a.


Jul 20, 2012
I am actually working on the Rooted Rom now. However until I see that people are having success restoring wifi on the "error" tablets, I won't put it up. I need some verification first.

Ok Rom is done.

I actually got mine working after using RKUtils to install the firware. I did have the wifi error issue, and now it is working. Thank you. Just curious have you gotten a rom to root the device?? If so can I get some info and a link, Please?