Coby 9742 Mobiz ROM Issues


Apr 10, 2013
Hi, everyone. I have spent several days trying to work on a Coby9742 and I am stuck. The files properties have 14/06/2012 modification date. Dumped the original firmware, rooted , CWM installed also and made a CWM backup.

Problem I have is that flashing the custom rom (9742 Mobizv2) has the upside down video windows. Rest of website fine, just video window.

On the original ROM, installing Gapps does not seem to work, nothing shows up. Installing the tweaks causes issues such as keyboard has stopped working. This is a vicious circle. To install them, I need busybox. I can't install busybox because Play store does not show up.

I'd be grateful for any pointers as how to progress if possible. Many thanks in advance.
The Mobiz ROM issue with the inverted video was never resolved, thus if you want the video to no longer be inverted you must restore to stock using the nandroid backup you made. The inability to install Google apps on the stock ROM is because the system directory is nearly full. You will have to delete files from /system, such as the list of files I deleted here. Once you delete those files, you should be able to install the Play Store on the Stock ROM.