Coby Kyros 7015 sleep of death


Feb 9, 2011
Hello all,
I bought my girlfriend a Kyros a few months ago. Rooted it, flashed CM on it and added a few apps. Now most times when it goes to sleep she or I will have to press the reset button to get it back up and running.
I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue or knows what could be the issue.

I always shut mine down to recharge it for this very reason. I am afraid it won't come back one of these times, it only seems to do it when it has been in sleep mode for a while. I'm sure you have witnessed it reawaken at random, and sleep mode will still kill your battery.
Yes, I have seen it wake up on its own and now that you mention it, the tablet is charging when it doesn't wake up. I'll have her shut it down to charge it from now on.

Thanks Jvanhare!
If you have apps calling mail, news, facebook, etc....even if your wifi is not on, I have found that the Kyros will wake to push. I have since shut a lot of that down and it does not wake nearly as often, and I am finding that the sleep issue that is explained by the OP is not as frequent as before. It used to be that it occurred daily, now it is more like once a week.
Thanks Code347, it turns out that it was CM that was causing the sleep of death. Once I wen't back to stock rooted, I stopped having the issue. It does however still wake up more frequently than it used to, like every 10 seconds now.
mine does this every time the battery dies (whitch is a lot because the battery isnt lasting long) is know its not turning on at all, i really dont know what to do, i tryed restarting it but it wont restart, so yeah its not just you, i would get it checked before it stops working completely
just4kix where did you get the cm file? I am using the CM7 for NookColor and like it. I would like to see it on the coby.