Coby Kyros 7015 Tablet questions


Nov 10, 2010
I purchased a COBY 7015 2 weeks ago and immediately upgraded to the 7015A version using the instructions and upgrade file on the COBY website. The tablet works just great and while I have read about all the efforts to replace the stock ROM with an improved one so that the user has complete control over the operating system I have resisted as I just don’t see the benefit at this time. The tablet works very well with all the stock software, applications and a few new ones that I added from the Android Market Place or other sources.

That said I did miss the ability to display Flash video files when browsing the web. After some research I downloaded the SkyFire web browser, which has Flash support, and put the downloaded file on the COBY’s SD card in the root directory. Using a file manager that I installed on the COBY I found the SkyFire file on the SD card, double clicked on it and it asked me if I wanted to install the program. After the installation finished I opened the new browser and navigated to the NY Times site. A popup showed that a flash video was available on the page and I clicked on it. To my pleasant surprise and after some buffering the video played full screen and with audio. I went to other sites and had the same results. I can watch Flash video files with no hacks or rooting to the stock COBY operating system. Occasionally the video playback starts out as a reddish transparent looking video but within 20 seconds or so it starts to play with normal colors.

All I need to do no is to uninstall the original browser. Not sure how to do that as I don’t see it in the Applications Management menu and am not sure if doing so will break something else.

I agree that the Coby Kyros 7015 is a good unit "out of the box". I've had it rooted with Google market, had clockwork on it and have reverted back to 100% stock (to remind myself of the difference) and honestly have not returned it to the rooted / market state as I'm enjoying it as it is now. I will download Skyfire and try that after seeing you (mrblase) have success with it...


Mar 15, 2011
I havesom PDF files I would like to read on my 7015. Are there any apps out there that I can use?


Apr 26, 2011
This is what I did. I downloaded apps that I thought I might like, then tested them and if and when they didn't work I deleted them. It was time consuming but worked. So far Coby says that there is no way to upgrade the operating system that is installed on the unit when purchased.
Have a marvelous day.