Coby kyros MID8125 wifi issue.


Nov 12, 2011
Hello, for Christmas I got a coby kyros MID8125 I have been having fun, I have been able to get androd market onto it without rooting, yet I cannot connect to my wifi, our network is wep encrypted and when ever I try to connect, I select the network, type in the key it gives me the "Scanning..." the immediately switches to "Disconnected" and goes in a loop or trying to connect. I have the wep key remembered it shows the network to be a strong signal, I made sure it was the correct key and it still will not connect. I really do not want to disable wep encryption on my network just so I can get this to work.
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Furthermore, I am up for rooting the device, I just have not seen a rooting tutorial for this one and I am worried that z4root is incompatible.
I found this but I do not have the apks please help!
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Hi, can you please say the steps you took to install the android market? I haven't been able to do so. I also have problems with the wifi. It keeps disconnecting. Let me know how you were able to install the android market. I installed it but I'm unable to download. It says that the gmail user has no phone connected to it (or something like that).