Wifi Connectivity Issues on a PMID4311

Dec 11, 2012
Hello, everyone:

I've just bought an Android PMID4311 Tablet. In an attempt to connect it to my wifi, I entered the correct WEP and it connected. I had internet for a little while, but I moved away from the modem and it disconnected. Now, even after I restart the tablet and re-enter the WEP right next to the modem, I don't get a signal. I have the newest version of the tablet, and therefore the firmware updates that the tech support site provide are useless. Whenever I re-enter my WEP, the settings read, "Saved, secured with WEP". When I tell it to connect, there's no change in the wifi status. When the WEP is entered but not connected, the tablet tells me that the IP address isn't available.


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I have a link below in my sig that has solutions for the type of problem you're having. But you may try these. Some Android tablets don't like WEP so a change to better security like WPA/WPA2 may help. Your router may need a firmware update so checking that may help. You also might get somewhere just power cycling the router. Also consider a channel change in the router.

If those fail try fixed IP and DNS in your tablet.