Coby MID7012-4 Garbage, Or Is It Just Me?


Dec 23, 2013
So I'm trying to set up a MID7012-4 my mother in law got for my 7 year old. He's just wants to play games on it. It should not be this difficult to do this. Sometimes I'll attempt to download an app and it will say there is not enough space (there is). Sometimes the game's splash screen will come up and just sit there. (I let it "run" thinking it was downloading, but after an hour, I game up.) Then if I DO get it downloaded and installed, sometimes I'll get a "this application has stopped working..." If the game does actually start, it will randomly just stop at the menu screen. If I get lucky and the game actually plays, there are ads all over.

Whisky. Tango. Foxtrot.

I set up a kindle fire and a nook with no issues what so ever. I've taken the steps outlined here:

to add the android market place.

Am I missing something? How in the world can such a horrible product be sold?

Is rooting the only solution?


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Nov 8, 2011
Yes this is a bad tablet, really only designed to surf internet. In the 7 inch GEN1, 7010 to 7125 aren't very good tablets.

Not much you can do with your tablet.

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Feb 19, 2014
If your tablet takes an SD card you can download app2sd and store your apps there that should free up some space


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Mar 24, 2011
As vampirefo. stated, "Not much you can do with your tablet". However a factory reset might help a little. Try the following.

Back up any data you don't want to lose, the reset will wipe everything.

1. Turn the tablet completely off.
2. Hold the back and power buttons simultaneously. The Coby logo will appear, and then a menu.
3. Release your hold on the power and back button.
4. Use the Volume + and Volume – buttons to navigate to “Wipe data/Factory Reset”.
5. Use the back button to select this option. Your reset will begin.

If it doesn't reset, try some of the methods for other tablets here to see if any work for that tablet.

Good luck!