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Jun 1, 2010
Dear All
First of all, please let me introduce myself. I'm a tablet seller on eBay. I come from China mainland. I started to learn some in-depth information since 2nd half of last year. And I sold some different tablets since this March. They are: Smartq V7, A81E and some other unknown tablets.

Below are some suggestions that for your reference, as always, if I'm wrong, don't blame me :)
  • Don't consider any tablets that based on VIA solutions. I don't have personal bias on VIA, but solutions came for VIA always make me unsatisfied. No good performance, hot, etc.
  • Don't consider any tablets that based on Android 2.0 or below. Android 2.1 should be the bottom line. The experience of Android 2.1 is much better than previous versions. You can clearly experience it from Smartq V7. Only 2.1 based Android is expectable to upgrade to 2.2 (I'm not sure about 3.0, perhaps no)
  • For the other solutions, Rockchip announced in June that 2808 will support 2.1 soon. But so far no real products on the market yet.
  • Telechips is good at multimedia. So it was widely used on MP3/MP4 before. Now 8902 is the mainstream on tablet. As I experienced, 8902 is not bad. So far the only 2 point touch tablet is based on 8902.
  • Finally, I personally recommend TI Cortex-A8 OMAP3530 based product, even the multimedia fuction may not as good as Telechips. But for other applications such as Internet surfing, the response of Cortex-A8 based solution is good. And so far, the only Android 2.2 based tablet is powered by it.
Sure I know there are no perfect product yet and Google will announce 3.0 in Oct with higher hardware requirement, there will be more and more products available soon.
Hope this short summary can be helpful when you choose Android tablet. And I'm very happy to help you to find suitable tablet. If you need the tablets on my eBay list, please tell me. I can offer you a good price. :)

Wish you could enjoy your tablet soon!

A special note to Admin: I'm not advertising my product, I just want to share some my thoughts with all friends on this forum. If I'm wrong, please delete this post. Do not blame me or ban me. Thank you!


Jun 1, 2010
Thanks for your reply.
Actually, there is no big difference between the tablets sold locally and internationally.
Every manufacturer in China wants to sell their items to overseas.
But there are still some obstacles, for example, will you trust me if I just setup one online store and you don't know me at all? I'm afraid no. :) And if I sell tablets on eBay, both eBay and Paypal will charge different fees, the cost will be much higher than local sales. Of course shipment (both cost and period) is another problem.
Anyway, I'm very happy to sell good products to overseas and find proper good products to reliable and trustable users like you. :)


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Jul 9, 2010
1) VIA is really cheap. Some people find uses for that type of tablet, notably as an ebook reader. It is decent at the right price. The main issue is that factories have been cutting corners with these devices as margins are very low on them. If quality was decent, the product would not have been this bad.
2) Android 2.1 is not much better than Android 1.6 in terms of features available or applications at the moment. The main concern is that higher resolution and pixel density displays are only supported from Android 1.6 and up. You cannot assume upgrade to Android 2.2 if Android 2.1 is on the device. My favorite features of 2.1 include multitouch support, Gallery3D, multiple account sign-in, and more support for 3D gaming. I've used Android 1.5, 1.6, 2.1 and 2.2 before on various Android devices.
3) Rockchip is not making Android 2.1 for RK2808. With their poor implementation of Android 1.5 for RK2808, this is not a surprising decision.
4) OMAP3530 in terms of raw CPU performance is good, but it loses out on multimedia playback. I have yet to see a good Android implementation on any device.

I don't expect Android 3.0 to require higher hardware requirements, but it will be needed to take advantage of some features.

Competition is fierce in Chinese because of sites like Taobao. I've spoken with JT from JT's Digital World about this. It's easier money, especially if English is not an issue.


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Aug 4, 2010
I just have the VIA because the deal was cheap and I wanted to see what it was about. It can be made to run a bit faster and you can use that with pre-teen kids would enough using VIA tablet @ 400MHz/533MHz. TeleChip @600MHz/800MHz more ideal for everyone this is what's in AuGen Gentouch78 which I did buy because it had offered more but the price was low! Next would be Cortex A8/A9 @ 800MHz/1GHz or Dual Core more expensive some tablet are than others. Everything sold here is made in China. One of my friends just got his iPad with 64GB for a price tag of $699 and that was shipped from China to him in States. I feel it's just easy for me to jump into my car and go to Kmart or Bed Bath and Beyond to buy a tablet. I can see what I am getting. Buying it from USA seller via China vendor then that vendor from China ships to the Buyer in USA it's a very long process. By the time you get it the item is usually damaged. Whoever ships Via Air Mail needs to package the item better. Anyway Android OS 1.5, 1.6 is cheaper and the China design team can mod it to death. Android 2.0, 2.1, 2.2 and 3.0 going to have a better code and performance will be a better experience at a price. 2010 will be the year of the out of control low price tablets. 2011 - 2012 more tables would be on sale. 2013 and beyond will see ultra fast, ultra lite, ultra thin tables using the ribbon/paper thin touch panel.
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