Copy Video to Haipad 701-R from PC through USB


Oct 27, 2010
Hi, I am a newbe to Android with a lot of PC experience. I have a new Haipad 701-R that I like very much and I have no problem converting DVD, etc. to H.264 and I was able to remove the 16 GB flash that I have and copied the file to a file in the Android Data Dir. then using the file manager was able to play properly. But I don't want to keep removing the external 16 GB Memory to do this and by doing it this way the file is not in the Gallery. Do I need a special program or procedure or ?. Audio Files are no problem.
I have only had it a few days and it seems great except Raging Thunder 2 which the G sensor is 90 degrees off on control.


Mar 6, 2011
I also have a Haipad M701-R and have a simiilar question. I connected a USB cable from my PC to the Haipad, and I was able to transfer video and music files to a data folder in the Haipad sitting at my PC. But when I used the Haipad alone, I could not find the files or view them at all. I am not sure if I used the correct data folder. Any answers would be appreciated.


Nov 18, 2010
How do you access the 'data' folder via USB?
(there is a system folder called 'data' but you usualy cant access it via USB)
If you see a 'NAND' folder change into that, best make a 'video' folder inside that and put our videos there.
to open your video files just use the 'Galery' they should show up.