Another Haipad 701-r review from android Noob


Jan 27, 2011
So I spent several days on these forums, reading everything I possibly could in an effort to not get jacked when i bought a knock-off tablet, and I decided to settle on the Haipad 701-r. Many thanks for all those that posted the ton of information for me to read. I figured I would post my experience to date for any other noobs out there looking.

1st I will address what my needs where - I was first looking to buy a kindle or nook to take advantage of all the nice ebooks out there, many of which are required reading for me. The problem I ran into was that both had books I wanted, and then my wife told me she wanted one as well, which made the expense start looking very very huge. I was about to settle on buying 2 Nook Color's when I noticed all the cheap Android tablets on the market. Now I know that the Nook's can be hacked to run as tablets, but then cost was becoming an issue.

I settled on 2 Haipad 701-r's, which set me back around 300.00 total.

At First glance

My first impression is that they are cheaply made, but not poorly made. Ipads they are not, but for someone on a budget, you could do worse. If you buy one, make sure you get the one with the HDMI & Remote, along with at least 4 GB of HD space, as these are the most current ones as far as I can tell. Everything functions as it is supposed to, and I am relatively pleased overall.

A Little More...

I found that the standard Launcher installed was clunky, and a pain to work with, so I installed a few different ones until I found one that suited me. So many are free, don't be scared to try a cpl different ones. I also did not like the file browser that came with it, so I downloaded a few until that was fixed.

Both the Nook and Kindle apps worked fine...thought the Nook (and Facebook) app are a little annoying as they flip the screen regardless of how you hold it, so you may hafta turn it upside down to use these apps. (I have noticed a cpl other odd apps do this.)

I also found that I had to buy Repligo Reader to read my PDFs properly. The Adobe Software worked fine, but Repligo has the option to invert the colors, which made the limited screen easier to read on smaller txt without zooming. 5 bucks well spent.

With a 8GB mem card, I was able to put several MP3s and Videos on the tablet, and they seem to work well, and the overall performance was not terrible.

And here is the end

I am not disapointed, I mean don't get me wrong if someone walked up and handed me a Ipad, Nook Color, or Samsung Galaxy...I would give this away to my 5 year old to play with, but if you just want something to Check email, lite web surf, and act as an ereader, you could do a whole lot worst.


Jan 21, 2011
Thank you for that review! I am looking at the exact same pad too! (along with several others :p)

Please tell me where did you purchase it?


Nov 22, 2010
Thanks for posting your experiences.
I think yours are pretty typical to what most folks experience with these things.

If a little time is taken to tinker with it, it is a pretty darn good device.

If I'm frustrated by anything it's how CLOSE it comes to being a solid day-to-day machine.