Couple of questions about some Tablets.


Jun 27, 2011
Decided to look into a bit more and thus I deleted my original post

Now I am looking between the next ones:

Flytouch 3, Dawa D9, and SuperPad 3.

If none is good I guiess I will go with haipad m708 or maybe the older haipad 1001 that is 10".

I found Flytouch and Superpad on euogo and sicne I read in this forums that its a good place to buy from I thought on going with that. As it seems both ofthem are haipad1002 and Superpad is a better version of Flytouch? Nevertheless they ship to Greece with DHL, CNAP and EMS excep guangzhou (whatever that means).

Dawa D9 will be from ebay or a site called

I wish there was a european site to buy it from or at least a way to avoid paying any taxes in customs. Well afar from that I am stiill lookign arund and about. Dawa D9 looks the best of them up to now.
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